Willow X Formtyp

Collaboration artwork between willow and myself for curare skateboarding Berlin.

The original artwork will be displayed and offered at a exhibition on 19th of september 2021 in Berlin at the circylar gallery. Replica printed boards and the original one will also be available online soon at the curare skateboarding shop.

A pound of flesh

the project that never made it to my website, is now finally on here!

rather be at… (in progress)

Konrad Adenauer Tierschutzverein

Go and get my custom designed Vans-Shoe

…right here.

Formtyp at »Seat-Arona« release day in Düsseldorf


Camera & Edit : Adrian Schwelger. Music : Lump & Fetterjunge.

Pic : Guido Schröder.

»Jeden Tag ein Plakat«

The “Black Acid” Tattoo-Shop Front

My mural artwork for the “Black Acid” Tattoo-Shop in Cologne.